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Intent to package: chase


I intend to package (or rather, already have packaged) chase.  It is a
small utility for chasing symbolic links - finding out, what real file
a symlink refers to.

The program is written by me, and it's GPL'd.  I wrote it in response
to a query in debian-user and as a kind of a programming exercise.
While the same functionality can quite easily be scripted, I believe
there's no harm in publishing my little program (as it already has
been written), and packaging it for Debian.

Here's a sample session with chase, to show what use it is of:

ajk@ugh:~$ chase /usr/bin/xemacs
ajk@ugh:~$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/xemacs
dpkg: /usr/bin/xemacs not found.
ajk@ugh:~$ dpkg -S `chase /usr/bin/xemacs`
xemacs20-nomule: /usr/bin/xemacs-20.4-nomule

The package is already avaliable in my private little i386.deb
repository.  Since I am not yet a Debian developer (there's been some
problems with communication between me and the new-maintainer team),
that's the only place the package will be available right now.  When
(if... knock knock :-) I'm accepted as a developer, I'll of course
upload the packages in the repository into the main archive.  The .deb
repository is aptable with the following line in sources.list:
  deb ftp://ftp.jyu.fi/pub/linux/local-DEBs/ local main

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