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Re: GTK+1.1.6 and testgtk

On 9 Dec 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> If you can figure out *exactly* what files testgtk.c depends on, I
> will include them in /usr/doc/libgtk1.1.x-doc/testgtk/ .
Here is a Makefile for testgtk which lists all necessary files.
It is UNTESTET (because I have the sources for 1.1.5 on my
harddisk but the *.debs for 1.1.3 installed (and will not update
because of problems with Imlib!!).

Please try this and I would be happy if this and the necessary
files would be included in the next release.
Hope this helps and thank you for packaging the fine GTK packages.

Kind regards


# Makefile to build testgtk
# Written by Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de>
# Wed Dec  9 19:56:24 CET 1998

PIXMAPS= 3DRings.xpm FilesQueue.xpm Modeller.xpm circles.xbm test.xpm
RES=$(NAME)rc $(NAME)rc2

CFLAGS=-c -g -O2 -Wall `gtk-config --cflags`
LDFLAGS=`gtk-config --libs`

$(NAME): $(NAME).o
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $^

$(NAME).o: $(NAME).c $(PIXMAPS)
	mv $(NAME).c $(NAME)_.c
	sed "s/#include \"\.\.\/gdk\([^\"]*\)\"/#include <gdk\1>/" $(NAME)_.c | \
	  sed "s/#include \"gtk.h\"/#include <gtk\/gtk.h>/" > $(NAME).c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $(NAME).c
#	rm $(NAME)_.c

	rm -rf *.o *~

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