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Re: New guile packages

On Wed, Dec 09, 1998 at 01:46:27PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> > libguile3 is deprecated and should be removed from the archive.  It is
> > a bug to depend on it.

> > libguile4 is really the same package, but reflects the soname.

> Why do we *have* to keep breaking backwards compatability like this?
> Can't someone install a fixed libguile3?  That would seem easier than
> moving all applications to libguile3 (what about bugs perhaps
           		     ^^^^^^^^^ libguile4, I assume

> introduced by the move?).  Plus, suppose the user has some stuff in
> /usr/local/bin which uses libguile3.

What bugs?!  Libguile3 == libguile4, at this point.  There is no
difference.  At the suggestion of others, I created libguile4 to more
accurately reflect the soname of the lib.  If this wasn't the best
course of action, it would have been more appropriate to speak up
then when it was proposed.

Either way, the lib will have the soname of 4.  This is from the
upstream maintainer.  It's not even really feasible to generate a new
libguile3 without hacking the guile-core source package.

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