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Re: Intent to package BigBrother network monitor

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998 14:48:17 -0500, Patrick Ouellette <pouellet@eng.utoledo.edu> said:
>> I don't know what "agent" refers to in the context you're using it in.
> BigBrother has a program that runs as an NT service.  The service allows
> the server to query the status of NT specific services on a host.

Most existing monitor scripts query services directly (eg, doing a "GET
/ HTTP/1.0" to test if a web server is working), or use SNMP, so they
work with any OS and they don't require anything to run on the hosts
being monitored (except possibly an SNMP agent, if you want to query
that sort of data).

The design is modular, though.  You could drop in a script which queries
this existing NT program quite simply.

> I think it also makes the monitoring active from both sides - the client
> and the server both can initiate a connection to update the status of
> the machine.

The next release of mon supports generalized traps.

Roderick Schertler

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