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Re: Intent to package BigBrother network monitor

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:18:39 -0500, Patrick Ouellette <pouellet@eng.utoledo.edu> said:
> Does mon handle other (non Linux) OS?  I know BigBrother has agents for NT
> (Sorry, but I have 282 NT machines in labs that I have to keep tabs on.)

The monitors are just scripts, they can test whatever you want.  Monitors
exist to check various types of servers (DNS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP,
telnet, etc) by querying or connecting to them.  There is a monitor which
uses fping to test whether remote hosts are IP reachable.  Lately a number
of monitors which use SNMP to query other things have been contributed.

I don't know what "agent" refers to in the context you're using it in.

Roderick Schertler

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