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Re: GTK+1.1.6 and testgtk


Ben Gertzfield, the libgtk package maintainer, told me that he
has been asked not to ship testgtk from upstream. It's not meant to
be included in binary packages.  The programmer has to build it

Of course I have done this several times for each GTK+ version.
But I thought the following:

- Many things how to use GTK+ you have to obtain from examples.
- The default example is testgtk.
- So you have to get testgtk.c.
--> first point, why to include testgtk in a *.deb file.
    May be the best lokation would be in the -doc package.
- Furthermore you have to compile the program.
--> I dont see any reasonable place for testgtk in a package, 
  *but* what about shipping a Makefile to compile it separately
  from the upstream source.

This would avoid downloading the huge source package and would
save time of the developer.

So my suggestion is:
Include in libgtk1.1.6-doc_*.deb a directory
which should include
  testgtk.c, Makefile, the XPMs used by testgtk, testgtkrc, other
  necessary files to compile testgtk
This are only some bytes and the result is that programmers have
the example for reference just in a minute instead of about
half a hour depending on the bandwidth (for FTP access).

Kind regards


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