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Re: Intent to package BigBrother network monitor

I've already packaged this and sent it to the author, he hasn't responded

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> I intent to package BigBrother, which is a system and network monitor which 
> tests various services (basic connectivity, DNS server, Web server, etc) and 
> produces nice Web pages which can be displayed to check at a glance that the 
> network runs well. The reference server is <http://MacLawran.ca/bb-dnld/>.
> The licence is very restrictive. It does not even authorize redistribution 
> (you need a special clearance). I'm discussing it with the author. He will 
> probably grant the clearance for the Debian project (FreeSD already has one). 
> Once the distribution clearance is granted, the package will be put in 
> non-free because the author does not want to accept commercial use gratis.
> Technically, I had the following problems (the package is almost ready):
> - BigBrother typically runs as root. It seems dangerous to me (the BigBrother 
> daemon listens on the network, port 1984 of course) and I would like to run it 
> as another user. It works fine as nobody, except for the log files which it 
> tries to read. Is there a predefined user which can read log files (i.e. is a 
> member of adm)? It doesn't seem so. Should/can I create one in postinst? Or 
> register a predefined user (see the FSP/qmail discussion)?
Mine runs as root.

> - BigBrother typically runs under the name "bb". I intent to name the package 
> that way. Is it too short or not enough descriptive for someone?
That's what I named it.

> - BigBrother produces pages for the Web server. But I cannot hard code the 
> place where it puts Web files since there is no Debian standard? (Is /var/www 
> for every HTTP daemon or just for Apache ?)
I put them in /usr/lib/bb and added an alias to apache's conf file.

> - BigBrother can be a manager (watching the network) or an agent (gathering 
> information on *one* machine, to be queried by the manager later). But it is 
> the same programs, there is only a difference in the configuration file. So I 
> have to make one package, which depends on dnsutils (because BigBrother 
> manager uses it) even if the agents do not need it.
I don't remember what in dnsutils it needs (it was a long time ago).

If you want my package you can get the diff from
							- Tom

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