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Re: critical bugs which can be closed or demoted

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > When the priority in the control file of the package does not agree
> > with the priority in the overrides file, there should be a bug
> > reported. (I'm not conviced whether it should be against the package
> > or the overrides file. I guess the package, so the maintainer can
> > negotiate any changes in the overrides file.
> This is not a bad idea.  All we would need to do is:
>  * require 'dpkg-gencontrol -isp' (export the control fields to the package), 
>  * autogenerate the override file from the packages
>  * compare the distribution's override file with the autogen'd one, and 
>    do a little report by maintainer

Anyother way to approach this would be to make dinstall check if the package
has a priority in it, and if the priority doesn't match the override file,
add a little note to that effect to the mail it sends to the maintainer when
the package is installed.

see shy jo

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