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Re: what's going on with gtk+ ????

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Brian Almeida wrote:

> This doesnt' appear to be addressed in either CVS version of imlib or gtk+,
> either *sigh*
Did raster mentioned something about an Imlib update?
In fact it should at least contain the (very small) patch I've
sended to the gtk-list and to shaleh.
> Note that the imlib maintainer is now me, not shaleh.
Uhmm, how should I note thet if /usr/doc/imlib-base/README.Debian says:

Imlib/Gdk_Imlib for Debian

My thanks to Jim Pick, Luis Francisco Gonzalez, and Rasterman for their help
and patience.  With out them this package could not exist.

Sean E. Perry <shaleh@debian.org>, Sun, 7 Jun 1998 17:30:00 -0500

Would you correct that please for the next Debian package.
> Let's all mail-bomb owen and raster =)
I would suggest to mail-bomb the whole gtk-list which has a lack of
significant answers to some certain kind of questions.
Please tell me when you start your mail-bombs to let me unsubscribe
before ;-).

Kind regards


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