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Re: Draft new DFSG - r1.4

Milan Zamazal writes ("Re: Draft new DFSG - r1.4"):
> When I was going to move SWI Prolog from non-free to main, I asked about
> its license on debian-devel and the conclusion was it's DFSG free.

I think that it might be reasonable to add an exception for such `must
credit' licences.

Would you like to mail me or post a suggestion or shall I write one ?

> What I'd like to point is that with DFS law we will never cover all the
> unusual cases, we will discuss law problems and will changing the law
> over and over (probably by many voting procedures, which is the only
> significant difference against current state).  I simply don't think it
> is a good idea to define free software by exact law, guidelines are more
> better IMHO, since they express spirit rather than stating some border
> defined by some arbitrary wording.

We currently have guidelines expressed by spirit and spend ages
arguing about them, even to the point of having political fights about
them with other projects.  This is not good !

When we're a project of 400 people, as prominent as we are, we must
act in a consistent, accountable and rational way.


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