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critical bugs which can be closed or demoted

[Watch the CC into the BTS, please.  Do not CC the BTS unless it's

30080 base: permissions for worldwriteable directories are wrong
Should be closed/demoted.  Not reproducible.

30369 Archive doesn't grok some mime types
This is basically a bug against a web page and is irrelevant to slink

28249 mawk doesn't check write errors
Would require new code; not a critical bug by any real stretch of the
imagination.  Should be demoted.

24573 ethiop is in main but is not DFSG-free
I think we either need to get a actual official new license from
upstream or put it in non-free for now.

30317 fakeroot and dpkg-shlibdeps
About the fakeroot and libc6 versioned depends.  For the first part,
it wasn't really fakeroot's problem, IIRC.  Secondly, it's fixed.
Lets close this one, eh?

27381 libg++272-dev and libstdc++2.8-dev conflict, being both standard!!
Fixed in slink/potato; not something we're going to bother fixing for
hamm anyway, lets close this one and call it a day.

30242 981121 slink update: xdm locks up
I opened this bug, but I wasn't able to reproduce it.  So I'm closing
it with this message.

Ok, that's one down for sure, and 6 more than can be removed (some
with pkgs removed) from the list or should be demoted (but I'll let
the archive or pkg maintainers determine that).

It's pretty clear to me that we shouldn't ship mozilla with slink
neither, that would remove bug#26712.  We don't even have a maintainer
for it yet.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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