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Re: EURO patch

On Fri, Dec 04, 1998 at 02:47:02PM +0100, Alexander N. Benner wrote:
> Hi
[about the euro currency/politics]
> 'cuse me ?
> Is this a list about Europeen politics or about Debian/Gnu Linux ?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist :)

> I personaly think the only question is "Ist the Euro now officially ISO or not
> ?"
> If it is it should be included if not don't bother ...

My main point is that while we're doing this, we ought to take a long look
at how foreign characters (currency in particular) are handled. If you
need to set locale, WHY??? currency symbols are NOT locale-specific. eg,
I might receive a message from Usenet saying "they are $4.00". My locale
is set to en_GB, so I can't see "$" properly? (Just as silly as the
reverse with pound symbol). Accented, foreign (eg cyrillic) characters
matter less, but this really should be sorted.

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