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Re: EURO patch

On Tue, Dec 01, 1998 at 11:08:21PM +0000, Tom Lees wrote:

> Not to get too political or anything, but that is the kind of argument
> which really annoys me: "Why should we have the Euro?" "Because it's
> inevitable...". (Yes, that DOES seem to be the main argument all its
> proponents seem to be putting forward (to the General Public)).

So is there a reason to switch to the Euro?  I haven't heard the story.

> How do I get joe (and less) to deal with the pound symbol properly but
> still escape the nasty low chars (0-31) (escape codes can be pretty
> dangerous under an xterm)?

At least joe does exactly that with its "-asis" option -- it doesn't quote
high ascii, but protects you from control characters.  That was the whole
reason I wanted joe to _default_ to -asis mode.

With less, I'm not sure.  Something about locale settings, I think.


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