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compressed doc files and apache

I very much like the new tetex-doc package that puts so much TeX
documentation under /usr/doc/texmf.  I run apache on one of my Debian 2.1
systems and was going to tell my students to start looking for TeX
documentation under

That works fine except that many internal links are broken.  The link
to doc/texmf/etex/base/etex_man.dvi, for example, doesn't come up with
the dvi file because the file has been compressed with gzip and is
stored as /usr/doc/texmf/etex/base/etex_man.dvi.gz

Is there a way to configure apache to look for the gzip'd version of a
file if the original file is not available?

Also, would it be reasonable to allow .pdf files in the /usr/doc tree
to be uncompressed?  That is, put the original .pdf file in the
package and not a .pdf.gz file.  My understanding -
correct me if I am wrong - is that a .pdf file can have different
levels of compression internally.  I think there are settings for
pdflatex that change the amount of compression in the .pdf file, for
example.  If we required a high internal compression level in the .pdf
file I imagine that then running the file through gzip would not
produce substantial additional savings in file space.

The gv viewer is able to handle a .pdf.gz file but acroread is not,
AFAIK.  This means that a .pdf.gz file has to be copied to a temporary
location then gunzip'd if you are going to view it with acroread.

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