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Re: Requesting a naming convention for releases

Michael Beattie wrote:
> > No, we're not running out of names.  We're hit by that in > 5years
> > since there are about 15-20 names left.  At the moment there is no
> > need to discuss a new naming scheme etc.

> Speaking of names, Bruce Perens is bruce@pixar.com ?? In NZ, "A Bug's
> Life" is being advertised as a Disney/Pixar production. Is it the same
> Pixar? Valid reason to use "A Bug's Life" (later on, when we are out of
> names). Damn I havent even seen it yet. Well, It opened today over here.
> (sorry about the off-topicness)

Yes, it's the same Bruce, the same Pixar and the same movie.



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