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Re: New access method for dselect: ``multiftp''

Drake Diedrich wrote:
> > who else of you was already in the need to update a system through the
> > net, needed to access more than one FTP server (e.g. because non-US or
> > non-free wasn't mirrored) *and* couldn't use apt for some (maybe
> > strange, I admit) reasons?
>   I did (before apt was an option), and hacked dpkg-ftp into dpkg-http. It
> already supports multiple ftp:, http:, and file: URLs, as well as web
> proxies.  I'm mostly switched over to apt myself though, and will probably

Ah, cool.  Somebody should have told me.

Since I can't use apt I'll continue to support dpkg-multiftp.



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