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New access method for dselect: ``multiftp''

G'night folks,

who else of you was already in the need to update a system through the
net, needed to access more than one FTP server (e.g. because non-US or
non-free wasn't mirrored) *and* couldn't use apt for some (maybe
strange, I admit) reasons?

Cool, I see lotsa hands raised.

Here is the solution, install the ``dpkg-multiftp'' package and select
``multiftp'' as access method for dselect.

After you've done this you're able to enter a pile of FTP servers with
locations to (sub-)distributions and continue updating your system
through FTP.

The method works like the regular FTP method and is based on it.

Before I release this access method as regular package for potato I'd
like to receive some feedback first.  So if you're interested in this
method please download it and drop me a line:


Since the FTP server on that machine is somewhat flaky tonight (don't
ask me why, I dunno), you can also fetch it from:




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