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Re: Leadership, effects on Debian and open source community

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 09:34:25AM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > My point was the DFSG2 is flawed by design.  Its purpose is to change
> > terms that software is allowed into Debian by in a manner that is more
> > extreme than RMS even.  That's _BAD_.
> why do you keep on saying "even more extreme than RMS"????
> RMS isn't "extreme".  he's right....his reasoning is sound and his
> conclusions about software and freedom are both correct and obvious.

Richard Stallman has views which I consider extreme to a large degree.  His
belief that all software should be Free Software is an unreachable ideal
(though I respect him for never losing sight of his ideals)  He _IS_ an
extremist.  He _IS_ an idealist.  He's even a fanatic.  But he's a hell of a
lot more reasonable than many of kis followers and I respect his beliefs and
ideals, even if I do not agree with them.

> ps: i'm tired of seeing RMS marginalised.  it's bad enough to see the
> clueless losers on slashdot rant about RMS and others... it's unpleasant
> to see that such ignorant disrespect gets repeated thoughtlessly here on
> the debian lists.

I think you need to stop reading what you want to read into people's
messages.  You don't think I'm an extremist?  EVERY SINGLE PERSON who
believes in Free Software is an extremist.  I'm not fool enough to believe
any views which are perhaps extreme are necessarily bad.  I'm sorry if you
feel otherwise, but it's not my problem that you do.

> pps: yes, Ian's proposed DFSG2 is flawed.  it's legalistic junk rather
> than plain english guidelines.

Beyond that, what's expressed in the dfsg2 is unreasonable.  The next apache
being non-free?  Or tex?  The DFSG2 is flawed by design since its design is
to remove the BSD advertising clause and various licenses' patch clauses. 
If you believe Debian can exist without those, take away everything other
than the BSD utilities with the advertising clause and any software which
has a patch clause--including tex--and go and try to build a package like
bash.  You can't do it.

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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