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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software

Avus wrote:
> - This was obviously motivated by the QPL draft for Qt, and the
> intention is clearly that Qt and KDE be kept out of Debian

Here's where you go wrong already.  Ian has objected to the patches-only
clause since the very start, when the first DFSG was proposed.

Also, it has no effect on the status of KDE one way or the other,
since the QPL draft is still incompatible with the GPL.

> Besides some nuisances, there are IMHO also several advantages of the
> 'patch only' approach as described in the QPL that haven't been
> mentioned yet:

This wonderful 'patch only' approach is what killed Minix, and let
Linux supplant it.  The discussions about that are still archived.

> All in all, Debian should provide *guidelines* for free software, not a
> "License for Licenses" like this new draft. 
> After all, it is the free decision of the Debian developers what
> software gets in and what not. Discussing and deciding such issues has
> always been a part of Debian's culture. 

That's what we're doing right now.  Why all this excitement over a
draft of a proposal?

Richard Braakman

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