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Re: Creation of nfs-client package

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Anders Hammarquist wrote:

> In the process of updating the knfs package I realized that rpc.statd should 
> be running on the clients (for network locking to work nicely on a 2.1.x 
> kernel). Also, there is the problem of showmount being in the nfs-server 
> package (it too can be handy on a client). Therefore I propose that we create 
> a nfs-client package, consisting of the current /etc/init.d/mountnfs.sh 
> script (modified to optionally start rpc.statd). /usr/sbin/rpc.(k)statd, 
> showmount, and whatever else is needed to support an NFS client.

Would this imply that extrenous processes like protmap could be removed
from the boot sequence? I have lots of machines that don't use rpc
services and I'd rather they never be loaded.


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