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Re: Packages compiled against GTK+1.1 <= 1.1.4 *MUST BE RECOMPILED*!

> >> "BG" == Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:
> BG> Any maintainer who has a package in this list must grab the new
> BG> GLib and GTK+ from Incoming and recompile their packages for
> BG> potato. You don't have to upload the fixed packages yet, as it's
> BG> taking a little while for the new GLib and GTK+ to be accepted
> BG> into the archives, but please do the recompile as soon as
> BG> possible.

What is this?? I maintain several GTK apps, compiled against GTK+ 1.0.6.
Do I have to recompile these apps??

Binary incompatibility sucks ;)

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