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Re: compressed doc files and apache

On Tue, Dec 01, 1998 at 01:50:29PM -0600, Douglas Bates wrote:
> That works fine except that many internal links are broken.  The link
> to doc/texmf/etex/base/etex_man.dvi, for example, doesn't come up with
> the dvi file because the file has been compressed with gzip and is
> stored as /usr/doc/texmf/etex/base/etex_man.dvi.gz
> Is there a way to configure apache to look for the gzip'd version of a
> file if the original file is not available?

    You probably want to add something like:

<Directory /doc/texmf/>
Options Indexes Includes MultiViews
AllowOverride None

    to your /etc/apache/access.conf file.  This will cause both
etex_man.dvi.gz and etex_man.dvi to be returned in uncompressed form.
It has some other minor side effects, so you may want to read up on it
in the documentation.  It's findable under "Options" or "Negotiation",
I think and you can probably find it by searching for "MultiViews".

> Also, would it be reasonable to allow .pdf files in the /usr/doc tree
> to be uncompressed?  That is, put the original .pdf file in the

    I didn't realize they were particularly compressable until you
mentioned it.  I just tried a couple and got about 25%, though.  If
you want to fight for it, open a wishlist bug against debian-policy
and submit the proposal to the policy list.

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