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Packages compiled against GTK+1.1 <= 1.1.4 *MUST BE RECOMPILED*!

Hi, folks. The libgtk1.1 package in slink is unfortunately not
binary-compatible with the libgtk1.1 package in potato; slink's is
1.1.3 and potato's is 1.1.4.

I've decided to make the soname be part of the package name from now
on, and starting with gtk+/glib 1.1.5 (both in Incoming right now) the
source and binary package names will be like:

source: gtk+1.1.5 => binary: libgtk1.1.5, libgtk1.1.5-dev, libgtk1.1.5-dbg..
source: glib1.1.5 => binary: libglib1.1.5, libglib1.1.5-dev, libglib1.1.5-dbg..

Here is a list of package in slink that are dependant upon the old
libgtk1.1 package. They *must* be recompiled for potato against the
new gtk+1.1.5 sometime soon, as I will be requesting the old libgtk1.1
package be removed from potato as soon as no more packages are
dependant upon it.

Here is a list of the package in slink that are dependant upon the old
libgtk1.1 package (sorry, no potato list yet) -- courtesty of Jim Pick
and a little Perl munging:

Package: gicon
Package: libgtk-perl
Package: gnome-guile
Package: yagirc
Package: python-gdk-imlib
Package: gnome-gnothello
Package: gmc
Package: gstalker
Package: gnome-same-gnome
Package: gnome-gxsnmp
Package: gnome-panel
Package: gnome-gnomine
Package: libgnome-dev
Package: gnome-control-center
Package: eeyes
Package: gnotepad+
Package: libguilegtk0
Package: gdk-imlib-dev
Package: imlib-progs
Package: xlogmaster
Package: libgtkada0-dev
Package: gnumeric
Package: libgtkada0
Package: libgnome0
Package: gnome-stones
Package: gtop
Package: gnome-core
Package: gnome-mahjongg
Package: gnome-utils
Package: gnome-gyahtzee
Package: gtkcookie
Package: libgnome-perl
Package: python-gnome
Package: gnome-media
Package: balsa
Package: libgtkxmhtml0
Package: emusic
Package: gnotes
Package: python-gtk
Package: cqcam
Package: gxedit
Package: gide
Package: gtkicq
Package: gnome-session
Package: gnome-admin
Package: libobgnome0
Package: gnome-gturing
Package: libobgtk1
Package: gtkfind
Package: wordinspect
Package: gnome-card-games
Package: gnome-terminal
Package: xwhois
Package: libgtk-imlib-perl
Package: gnome-gnobots

Any maintainer who has a package in this list must grab the new GLib
and GTK+ from Incoming and recompile their packages for potato. You
don't have to upload the fixed packages yet, as it's taking a little
while for the new GLib and GTK+ to be accepted into the archives, but
please do the recompile as soon as possible.


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