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Re: APT [was Re: Is this really the right thing to do?]

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Mitch Blevins wrote:
> >  Define a boolean status field for 'Hooked', which can be toggled
> >  on or off by the user thru the APT interface.
> Personally I'l look the term `Auto' more, to note that installation
> and removal for these packages is done automatically.

 I like Auto.  It makes sense.  It's short.

> > (marking a 'Remove' or 'Purge' packages as Hooked are non-sensical, but also
> > non-harmful)
> It doesn't make any sense at all, so it should be disallowed.

 It _could_ make sense if you allowed it to mean that this package
 will automatically be 'Auto' if ever installed as a dependency.
 (but it's kind of a stretch)

 Otherwise, would you just automatically toggle the flag off when
 a package is removed or purged?


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