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Random idea of the day (debian-business)

One of the things that might be beneficial, is if more of us could
work with Debian full time, and be paid for it.  This would be good,
because then we could spend more time on Debian, and not have to do
other jobs, that take priority, to support our Debian work.  This is
one of the things Redhat has going for it (sure, we're better, but
they're not *bad* - they've been able to extend this opportunity to
Alan Cox, for example).  As a consequence, Redhat is acting as sort of
a 'lightning rod' for Linux money.. people want to spend money on
something, and Redhat is an easy target.  Debian will obviously never
be quite like this, but making it a little easier certainly wouldn't
hurt...  We don't even sell CD's, which even the FSF does.  

Maybe it would be helpful to create a list, and/or we page, as a sort
of meeting point for those wishing to make money/work with Debian.

This might fit in nicely with Nils' idea of contacts for Debian
"partners" on the web pages?

Anyway, just thought I'd toss this out for discussion.  I've really
developed a taste for free software, and sooner or later, I'd like to
spend my days working on it (and still make some money).  I'm no Alan
Cox, though...:->

David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw 

	Debian GNU/Linux - www.debian.org

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