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Re: Proposal: New mailing list debian-laptops

The mobile argument espoused by Kristoffer Rose is part of the
reason.  There are certain items which should work differently on a
mobile, battery operated machine.

In addition, certain laptops are inherently more problematic than
non-laptops.  My first laptop, a no-name machine, installed easily.
My second laptop, a Thinkpad 600, was perhaps my fourth Debian
installation.  This was much more problematic, requiring zimage
kernel, and a modification to the kernel source code, not just
configuration.  I'm still working on other, less important, problems.

There is often more marginally supported hardware on a laptop.

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> writes:
> 	I am confused. I have a laptop running Debian, and I was
>  unaware that that was such a feat. I can see a mini HOWTO being
>  required for that, but a whole list? I think you would be better off
>  asking for interested volunteers, and going offline and creating a
>  HOWTO document. It not that hard to put Debian on a laptop. really.

Kevin Dalley

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