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> Dear Debra & Ian Murdock,

You do realise you e-mailed a discussion list? It's the correct place for your
questions, just that the answers you get may not be exactly in the style you

>     Are standard programs like Adoble Graphics Studio, QuakXpress,
> LightWave, ...etc., which are available for Microsoft and Mac OS, also
> compatible with Linux?

Some are, some aren't. Ask the vendors of those programs...

Note that sometimes, there are similar programs available for Linux; for
example, while Adobe Photoshop is not available for Linux (AFAIK), there is a
program called "Gimp" which provides similar functions.

There is an MS DOS emulator for Linux. An MS Windows emulator is under
development, but is not expected any time soon.

> Are Linux developers working to make the different
> packages (Debian, Red Hat and Caldera) transparent to each other?

Not sure what you mean here... how do you mean "transparent"? In general, it
is fairly simple to take a program destined for a different Linux (or even
different Unix) and install it. YMMV depending on what you are trying to do...


Jiri <jiri@baum.com.au>

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