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Re: joe 128+ ASCII characters (was Re: EURO patch)

On Sat, Nov 28, 1998 at 09:49:23PM -0800, Steve Lamb wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 29, 1998 at 12:35:20AM -0500, Avery Pennarun wrote:
> > The author hasn't released an update to joe for years.
>     While that is a wonderful testiment of the pure power of joe (in that
> it is still quite comparable to editors which have been updated for the
> past 3+ years) it still does not negate the fact that the default is -asis
> turned off and all it takes to turn it on is one CNTL-D (in joe).

...if you know that.  I didn't, and lots of people don't.  That means that
any non-English-language user cannot reasonably use joe by default.

> > Every other editor and e-mail program I know defaults to showing
> > high-ascii characters, and I think that's a much more democratic measure
> > :)
>     Do most of the terminal programs out there also default to showing
> high-ascii properly?

I'm not sure what you mean.  For terminal emulators, rxvt, xterm, and the
Linux console all seem to show high ascii.  cu and tip almost certainly do
(assuming you configure them in 8n1 mode) since they pass the data through
unchanged.  Minicom might or might not, but it's seriously flawed in several

Of course, "high ascii" doesn't really exist (ASCII is a 7-bit standard), so
the characters look different depending whether you use iso-8859-1 or a
different encoding.  But all these terminal emulators do _display_ the high
ascii without messing around with them.  As I originally said, it mostly
depends on the font.

> Loaded question as they don't.  Here's another one...  Does less default
> to showing high ascii?  :)

Seemingly not.  It would be nice if it did.  (Even nicer if we had
left-quote and right-quote characters like they do in Windows :))

>     It is currently in the hands of the individual to RTFM.

My question is whether this should be the case.  Many things in Debian are
much better than other distributions (witness the backspace/delete
situation) because we bother with such minutae.

Have fun,


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