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Re: IPv6 support and Debian

Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> writes:

> At 15:46 -0800 1998-11-26, Matthew Schlegel wrote:
> >Has anyone thought about creating Debian packages for all of the
> >IPv6 software?  I may be totally off here, but I'm thinking that
> >IPv6 is going to be the future of the internet over the next few
> >years.  We could possibly make the changeover easier if we started
> >putting out debian packages for all of the support software.  It
> >certainly wouldn't hurt debian at all.

> I agree that should be done. With glibc 2.1 and Linux 2.2 nearly released, 
> now is probably the time to get started with IPv6.

A good first step would be to compile and install glibc 2.0.1xx and
then rebuild "netbase" with ipv6 turned on in the "net-tools"

Then get the inet6-apps source code and build a Debian package.  I
have a patch, which, in combination with deleting a few files, will
get it to compile on a glibc-2.0.10x machine.  I'm compiled it on a
UltraPenguin Sparc with libc-2.0.102 from RawHide and in an i386,
chrooted Debian Slink environment with a self-compiled libc-2.0.102

I also have patches to get radvd to compile (the structures in the
libc6 header files have different names than the program expects).

FWIW, you can grab them from: http://www.cse.msu.edu/~dunham/ipv6/

I've managed to get enough working to ping and ftp to an ipv6 address
on the same machine.  The two machines I'm working with are on
different networks, so I don't know if radvd is working yet.  Also, I
can't figure out how to setup an SIT tunnel between the machines and
get packets to pass through it.  (Actually, I can't even get normal
IPIP tunnels working with recent kernels - there is no documentation.)


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