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Re: EURO patch

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Avery Pennarun wrote:

> > > I can see them fine in PINE.
> > 
> > > Testing: £££££
> > 
> > And in gnus.

Now I cant see them in pine... they have changed to little r's...
> And I can seem them in mutt, though my 'joe' editor for this reply shows
> them as inverted # signs (it's really lame about 8bit characters).

That I agree with you about.
> I just wanted to mention that your e-mail program has very little to do with
> this.  It's your font, and to a lesser extent, your terminal emulator.

Right... You've taught me something, now why does my font not show the
pund symbol now? I havent changed anything. I also have a charset
question.. apparently my display is set to US-ASCII, how do I change it to
> Now how do I type these things?  For that matter, how can I do my nice
> accents that I need for French?  Ever since xkb came in, I've been totally
> lost.


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