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Re: libc6 recompiling, generic thoughts on

Michael Meskes writes:
 > On Wed, Nov 25, 1998 at 12:08:20AM -0500, Daniel Martin wrote:
 > > Ok - I've just done a little test on my machine of which packages will 
 > > need to be recompiled with the new libc before they'll work with the
 > > new libc.  (The __register_frame_info problem)
 > Could anyone tell me whether packages compiled with ecpg (that is g++) have a
 > problem? I just checked and saw that libstdc++ has __register_frame_info
 > undefined. So is this just normal for C++ programs or is it a problem in
 > libstdc++ too?

It is a problem, which should be solved with egcs-
(g++-2.91.59-1) aka egcs-1.1.1 prerelease #3, which is beeing uploaded
and compiled against libc6-2.0.7t-1. This solved about 100 test
failures of the gpc testsuite as well...

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