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libc6 recompiling, generic thoughts on

Ok - I've just done a little test on my machine of which packages will 
need to be recompiled with the new libc before they'll work with the
new libc.  (The __register_frame_info problem)
I found 24 packages on my machine, which isn't too bad, but one of
them gave me pause: qvwm.  This package isn't in the main debian
distribution - it's in the debian-jp distribution.  Is anyone going to 
contact the debian-jp folks to alert them to this
__register_frame_info problem?  I'd hate for us to cripple their
distribution unexpectedly.

Incidentally, the packages I found which will need recompiling were:
abacus apt doc++ dpkg fakeroot gnumeric groff jade jdk1.1 jdk1.1-dev
libc6-dev lilypond luxman menu mixviews mysql-base mysql-server octave
qvwm sp telnet xfstt xkobo yudit.  I should note that the only program 
in the "dpkg" package which will break is dselect, though apt-get and
apt-cache will both break.

I'm certain there are more packages than this - someone was running an 
automated test on all the packages in slink earlier today - any
results from that?

Also, about the issue with odd Conflicts: lines for the new libc6 -
couldn't we just have the libc6 preinst bomb out (with an appropriate
error message) if upgrading libc6 would cause apt-get or dselect to
break?  Not ideal, but the preinst shell script can check for more
things than the Conflicts: line can.

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