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Intent to package some benchmarks programs

Hi all,

i like to pack some benchmarks binaries into one benchmark package. 

Sorts of this are: dhrystone, lmbench, nbench-byte, ...

These bins tests mainly  memory and cpu, but i like also harddisk, X11, ...

If you knows such benchmarks, please mail me a short note where to get. 

Any comments?

   [ ]  oh noooo!  We have enough packages, ...
   [ ]  Yeah! Real tests, not anymore these crappy bogomips reports 
   [ ]  Don't know!
   [ ]  My computer is fast enough, i don't need to know how fast
   [ ]  Measuring ??  Hmm, why not ...



 Hartmut Koptein                                       EMail:
 Friedrich-van-Senden-Str. 7                           koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de
 26603 Aurich   
 Tel.: +49-4941-10390                                  koptein@debian.org

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