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New list ``debian-boot''

Hi there,

upon request I have created a new list called ``debian-boot''.  It
will take over the job of the current ``boot-floppies'' list hosted by
Sven Rudolph.  I suspect that this list also obsoletes the old one in
a month.

The ``debian-boot'' list will cover the initial boot- and
installation- process by Debian GNU/Linux.  It will mainly cover
technical and development issues.

This is an open list everybody can join and help the boot-floppies
team to continue their good work.  Submissions will be archived at the
regular URL on the Debian web server at http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/.

To subscribe to ``debian-boot'' send a mail with the subject
``subscribe'' to debian-boot-REQUEST@lists.debian.org.  For regular
submissions please remove teh "-REQUEST" part.



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