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Re: dhcpcd up for adoption (Was: dhcp problems)

Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:
> It's not out of date, dhcpcd-0.70 and dhcpcd-1.3.16 are different
> programs (the latter was rewritten and only runs on experimental
> kernels).  I packaged dhcpcd-1.3.7 as "dhcpcd-sv-1.3.7" but never got
> around to working out the last details before uploading it (the
> package doesn't have any init scripts.)  The "sv" is from the author's
> initials.
> If nobody takes the dhcpcd-sv package, I'll try to release it ASAP,
> but I have three projects due RSN.
> When I last checked, the dhcp-* stuff didn't work with recent kernels.

Well, I just got ADSL which is supposed to use DHCP (I hacked all of the
info by hand for the moment), and I'm running 2.1.129 so I suppose I'd be a
good candiate for dhcpcd-sv if noone else is interested.  I'm mostly only
interested in setting up a dhcp client for the moment, if that makes any


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