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Re: dhcpcd up for adoption (Was: dhcp problems)

I've got a laptop on the campus network here, and have DHCP access.  I'd
be willing to take this on.

Brian Bassett

Brian Mays wrote:
> > These issues haven't been addressed.  The init script needs a little
> > work - it should be moved earlier in the startup sequence and a decision
> > should be made on whether it should block or not.  Also, I believe
> > some work needs to be done to make it work with the PCMCIA scripts.
> > Finally, my "dhcpcd-sv" package needs to be updated to the latest
> > upstream source and released (it's a version that works with the 2.1
> > kernels - with some patches to make it not bus-error on sparc machines).
> > I don't really have the time to work on this ATM, so I've looking for
> > someone to take over the package.  Preferably someone who has time, uses
> > the package, and is willing to do both packages (dhcpcd and dhcpcd-sv).
> > Brian has first dibs, if he is interested.
> A year ago, I would have taken it, but now I'm not as often connected
> to a network, so I don't think that I would have sufficient opportunity
> to test the package.
> Brian
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