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Re: Cluster Administration

> "Ward" == Ward Deng <wdeng@KachinaTech.COM> writes:
> > Yes. We will. Actually our company has had many discussions since
> > two years ago. Making our commitment to Debian was based on the fact
> > that Debian has the best foundation of making such clustering
> > administration successful. We will see what we can do. We even have
> > several internal proposals. For the installation part, we thought it
> > should a modified dselect which can be executed in client/server
> > mode.
> I would highly advise against this.  Building the core of your
> infrastructure off of the behavior of a GUI, in particular, a GUI
> which is expected to be obsoleted by 2003 (we hope!), does not seem
> like robust software design.

Adam, did i mention GUI?

Internally we thought we could consider Web-based tool in later stage.

> The issue of sharing configuration state across many machines can only
> be addressed by Wichert/Ian's config mgmt proposal, and much work to
> maintainer scripts.

We conclude we should make it as simple as possible since Debian has a
very good foundation already. It is better to modify/extend the existing
> The issue of managing a shared OS which is shared by an OS server, I
> propose, can be solved completely orthangonally to the config
> mgmt issue.
> Ward, I do a lot of software architecting for a living.  I'd love to
> work with you to review your plans.  Getting the plan right makes all
> the difference..

Yes. We appreciate your advices.


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