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Debian (and RedHat) source package format (was Re: Qt and other)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote:
> Redhat's source packages have advantages over Debian's? What the HELL
> have you been smoking?

It's true.  Debian doesn't indicate what you need to have installed to
properly compile the source package.  Red Hat's does.

Debian's format does have a number of other advantages over Red Hat's,
and you did do a pretty good job of listing them.  In fact, it wouldn't
be hard to add source dependencies.

Just add Source-Depends: and Source-Conflicts: to the .dsc file, and write
a simple tool to take advantage of this.  Perhaps even a wrapper which
will download and install [or de-install] everything as part of building
the package.  [Might want to have a log indicating such configuration
changes, for later analysis and so that your system could automatically
be restored to its original state.]

A tool is necessary, because that makes it easy to file reasonable
bug reports.


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