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Re: Unidentified subject!

Paul Moore writes:
> The fact that I can't choose to license my program under the GPL without
> accepting restrictions on my view of "free" software which I can use for
> development, is very worrying to me.

Why?  The GPL expresses RMS's view of free software.  It is a view shared
by many, but if you don't share it, that's fine.  Use a license more to
your liking or write your own.  Be careful, though.  It's harder than it

> It would be *really* nice if someone could provide an "add-on" clause,
> which I could use on my programs (ie, my programs are licensed as
> GPL+add-on) specifically to allow me to develop using non-GPL (but
> OSS/DFSG Free) libraries.

  "You are permitted to link this program or any deriviative thereof with
   QT.  In doing so you do not lose any of the rights granted you by the


  "Dynamic linking of this program or any derivative thereof to any library
   no matter how licensed is permitted without loss of any of the rights
   granted by the GPL."

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