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Re: Qt and other

I do not understand all of this bad humor over the Qt License.  If it is
truly open source and compatible with the GPL, great!  If not then, to
hell with it, let's get on with working on other things.  

KDE has a nice familiar feel to it, and I think that some of that feel
could be incorportated into future efforts, sch as making KDE completely 
open. As for Gnome and Harmony, I think that those efforts should be
continued regardless of Qt's status.  These are GPL with truly "safe"
status, plus the fact the GPL written code is usually better than any
commercial toolkit anyway: techically or otherwise.

Red Hat does have a few advantages over Debian source packager, but that
can be fixed.  Most of the problems that I have encountered with Debian
installations has been the ease of use of the frontend for the package

The strength of Linux comes from the fact that it can take the best of all
worlds as far as code is concerned and use the best bits, so I think we
should concentrate effort in making things better than engaging in
what appears to be pointless worries over this or that.

Just my 2 cents with no offense, 

T.J. Duchene

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