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Re: Should LPR be the standard printer daemon?

On Thu, Nov 19, 1998 at 07:09:18PM -0800, Adam J. Klein wrote:

> This message follows up on the previous LPR thread.  Until I get a
> reasonably maintainable and definately secure version of LPR int the
> distributions, why don't we make LPRng the standard lpd, and move LPR to
> optional or extra?  One problem might be, and since I don't use lprng, I
> don't know much about it, is the complexity of configuring LPRng.  Is it
> harder for a newbie to set it up than to set up lpr?  Comments, please.

LPRng is quite easy to configure.  It even uses /etc/printcap by default, I

Now, I think it's _tremendously_ overbloated (/usr/bin/lpr is 215k, hello??)
but it has one or two minor improvements over BSD lpr that I like, so I use

Have fun,


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