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Re: fsstd and new Debian packages

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Matt Porter wrote:

> [...]
> Herein lies the problem:
> I get /usr/bin/powerpc-linux-gcc  (etc.....)
>       /usr/powerpc-linux/include/ (empty for now)
> The fsstd says no new directories under /usr, but in this case it seems to
> be the best solution.
> [...]
> The bottom line here is whether or not it is ok to violate the fsstd when
> it makes sense.  Will anybody complain?  Is there a better solution?

I certainly will not complain, since I also packaged a sort-of
cross-compiler called gcc-i386-gnu which install files in /usr/i386-gnu.
I don't know of a better solution. This is a known GNU standard for the 
layout of gcc as a cross-compiler. If the FHS does not say a word about
it, then maybe we should add this exception to our policy.

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