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fsstd and new Debian packages

Hi folks,

I've built a few packages for cross developing from
Linux/x86->Linux/ppc.  I got binutils, egcs, and glibc.  binutils fits
cleanly into the filesystem by changing the names of libbfd and libopcodes
to reflect the target platform (I tried binutils-multiarch but it has some
issues).  My problem is with fitting egcs-powerpc-linux and
libc6-powerpc-linux into the standard filesystem layout.  When making a
cross compiler, egcs creates a target directory under the {prefix}
directory where it looks looks for cross-devel specific include files.
Herein lies the problem:

I get /usr/bin/powerpc-linux-gcc  (etc.....)
      /usr/powerpc-linux/include/ (empty for now)

The fsstd says no new directories under /usr, but in this case it seems to
be the best solution.  The biggest reason is that when the user installs
my glibc-powerpc-linux package it would make links to the vger devel linux
headers in /usr/powerpc-linux/include/{asm,linux} and also drop all the
standard headers there since it uses a much newer version of glibc.  

The bottom line here is whether or not it is ok to violate the fsstd when
it makes sense.  Will anybody complain?  Is there a better solution?


Matt Porter

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