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Re: fsstd and new Debian packages

At 17:52 -0700 1998-11-18, Matt Porter wrote:
I get /usr/bin/powerpc-linux-gcc  (etc.....)
     /usr/powerpc-linux/include/ (empty for now)

The fsstd says no new directories under /usr, but in this case it seems to
be the best solution.  The biggest reason is that when the user installs
my glibc-powerpc-linux package it would make links to the vger devel linux
headers in /usr/powerpc-linux/include/{asm,linux} and also drop all the
standard headers there since it uses a much newer version of glibc.

The bottom line here is whether or not it is ok to violate the fsstd when
it makes sense.  Will anybody complain?  Is there a better solution?

It is acceptable to do such things in the case of cross-{compilers,binutils}, e.g. binutils-m68k-linux, gcc-m68k-linux.

You need to make sure the hard links that are created from /usr/<target>/{gcc,cc,c++,g++} are converted to symlinks though, hard links in Debian packages are generally only accepted when the link points to a file in the same directory.

FWIW, It is probably best for new packages to try to be compliant with the FHS rather than the FSSTND, but policy does not specify this yet. FHS has similar prohibitions in the area of new directories under /usr.
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