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Re: QT non-free but becoming compatible to debian? (was Re: Qt license change)

On 18 Nov 1998, John Lapeyre wrote:

> Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:
> > I wonder if our recent drop of KDE precipited this change in the license at
> > all?
> 	I get the feeling that people only pay attention to RedHat.  I doubt that 
> what Debian does  influences people much.  Maybe I am a little too pessimistic with 
> that, however.
> 	It is clear that the wind was gone from KDE's sails, however.  On second thought,
> "precipitated" may be a good word, because it had a big symbolic effect, even if 
> Debian does not have "market share" .
> 	Debian rules, btw.

I thought it very interesting that RedHat dropped them a while before us,
but as soon as we did they took the problem seriously.  So seriously that
they got QT to change it's licence (I never thought that would happen).

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