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Re: Status of the LPR package

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Adrian Bridgett wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 12:27:24AM -0500, Sergey V Kovalyov wrote:
> > 
> > The RedHat's version has one important feature that debian's leack. When
> > the printer is remote, debian lpr ignores all filters. So if you have an
> > HP with JetDirect card, you're stuck. I had to install RedHat's rpm using
> > alien.
> This is a standard "feature" of lpr AFAIK.

I know, but that does not mean this is the RIGHT WAY, and that
"feature" usually gives a lot of problems. Why should it ignore filter ?
Why not let me (sysadm) warry whether the filter is needed or not. In RH's
version they have fixed that and it's VERY CONVENIENT - no need for a

> (unfortunately I have lprng
> installed so I can't quote the manpage).  The normal workaround is to have
> two printers:
>     - the remote printer definition
>     - a local printer definition which points to the remote printer
>       definition and has a filter defined
> Then you just print to the local printer, which filters the input and sends
> it to the other definition (which as a remote definition ignores any
> filtering _it_ has - i.e. none) which sends it to the printer.

AFAIK this would work only with lprng, not with lpr, and it is still



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