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Re: Status of the LPR package

On 15 Nov 1998, Carey Evans wrote:

> "Adam J. Klein" <aklein@eskimo.com> writes:
> > The lpr source, at least the version I have, is a
> > jumbled bunch of patched together security fixes.  What I would really like
> > is a new upstream source for lpr.  Does anyone have a suggestion?
> I recommend the OpenBSD source - that's where some (most?) of the
> security fixes have come from.
The RedHat's version has one important feature that debian's leack. When
the printer is remote, debian lpr ignores all filters. So if you have an
HP with JetDirect card, you're stuck. I had to install RedHat's rpm using
So it might be good idea to take their version as a basis.


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