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Re: machine support

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   I am totally new to debian and to this list. If anyone wants to redirect me 
   to the right list for this question, please feel free to let me know.

   I just got a sony vaio 505G and I was wondering if I could install the 
   debian dist linux on it (and get rid of Win98 for ever ;-). I heard that a 
   couple of months ago, the neomagic drivers had been released to the open 
   source community and I don't know if the drivers made it to the last 
   version of the kernel. I know about some successful install of FreeBSD on 
   this machine, so I believe there is hope to run linux on this machine.

check www.redhat.com or www.suse.com or www.xfree86.org

   Thanks for letting me know about this.


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