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Re: forwarded ppp question, possible debian "missing docs" bugs

Jim writes:
> This is a note from Mark Stone at O'Reilly & assoc; he asks how to dial
> in and suggests that more documentation is needed. While I don't have any
> sort of vote, I will say that as a debian user, I would agree that if the
> documentation doesn't adequately cover how to use CHAP and PAP
> authentication, it should. Further, if absent, it's a bug.

If Mark is willing to upgrade to Debian 2.0 he will probably find that
pppconfig will solve his problem.  If he can't do that, perhaps I can help
him by email.  As the author of pppconfig I do know a thing or two about
ppp (though I'm a bit rusty on the 1.3 ppp setup).
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