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RE: Upstream maintainer adding debian/rules

> My questions:
> Should the version number be 0.13.4 or 0.13.4-1?  DUMB is certainly
> not a Debian-only package, but the Debian support is embedded.

The .deb file should have a version number like ?.?-? where the number after
the '-' represents the package build number.

> Is there some reason why I should move the Debian files to a separate
> patch?

No, you can leave the Debian directory there as long as it does not interfere
w/ building non-Debian.

> Is it necessary (or even useful) to have the .dsc files on FTP sites?

the .dsc is only needed for uploading to Debian and for making the Debian-ized
source from the orig.tar.gz.  dpkg-source -x package.dsc reads the dsc,
diff.gz, and orig.tar.gz and makes the source ready for Debian compiling.  So if
people can build without it, then dont worry about it.

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